Career Studio Personal Careers GDPR Statement

Career Studio Personal Careers GDPR Statement

Career Studio (Scotland) Ltd is a micro business engaged in providing personal career services to individuals, training services to employers, digital media services to a range of business clients and educational programmes to schools and other educational organisations. In addition we process data for the general administration of our business.

In preparation for GDPR we have undertaken an audit of our business data and conduced a review of our data management processes. In doing so we have considered fully the personal data we ask for, the personal data we process, the personal data we store and the personal data we share for each area of our business.

Career Studio (Scotland) Ltd are registered data controllers with the information commission registration updated on date of update – before 25th May 2018.

The personal data we ask for:
In undertaking our personal career service we may ask for personal information including personal details, family details, lifestyle and social circumstances, financial details, education, training and employment details. We may also ask for physical or mental health details, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions and religious or other beliefs of a similar nature. We recognise this is highly sensitive personal data and is only asked for by suitably qualified career guidance professional bound by a code of ethics governed by the professional body (Career Development Institute).

The personal data we process:
We may process the personal information listed above to enable us to produce a curriculum vitae for our clients and to maintain our own accounts and records. All of this information is sensitive and may not be processed without the explicit written consent or instruction of our client. 

The personal data we store:
We may store the personal information listed above within our confidential client records which are accessible only to the career guidance professional associated with each client. The data is stored as password protected email communication threads and associated attachments.

The personal data we share:
We may share the personal information listed above with other employment and personal development related organisations but only with the explicit written consent or instruction of our client and never in breach of client confidentiality as would be within the ethical boundaries for a career development professional.

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